A few more things I have learned in SOLSC16

On day 8 of this challenge, I wrote a list of some things this journey had taught me.  Since tomorrow is the last day of the #SOLSC16, I figured today would be a good day to revisit and reflect.  Here is a link to the first list in case you would like to read it!

  1. When you do something every day, it becomes a routine.
  2. Procrastinating writing my slices until approximately 30 minutes before the deadline to submit has become a routine (see #1)
  3. I wish the “publish” button said “draft.” (see #2)  This blog is more of a ‘writer’s notebook’ kind of blog and less of a published, celebrated work posted on the wall kind of blog.  There are lots of those published, celebrated, hanging on the wall kind of blogs out there and I have enjoyed reading them so much this month.  But they are still a little intimidating and way out of my league.  And that is OK.
  4. Most of  my slices don’t feel very “done” to me.  But I don’t regret any of them.  I may revisit a few.  Or I may not.
  5. Funny is my comfort zone.  Writing deep, powerful, emotional things is hard.  This could also relate back to #2.  It’s hard to get deep and emotional when it is 8:30 and you have to post your slice at 9:00.  And you also haven’t started writing it yet.
  6. i still overthink my overthinking.  I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.  Or maybe it will?  Maybe I should think about that some more?
  7. Haiku and six word memoirs are total last minute-I-am-tired-and-don’t-really-want-to/have-time-to-do-this copouts.  And I will be eternally grateful to them for it.
  8. There is still absolutely nothing that compares to the excitement of someone commenting on my writing.  Unless it is someone who has commented a few times who I feel like I know a little bit through reading their writing!  Yay for new writing friends!
  9. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  It was just hard enough.
  10. I did it! (Almost) And that makes me pretty proud.



10 thoughts on “A few more things I have learned in SOLSC16

  1. I love your post. I feel like it could have been mine. I did learn a lot about myself, my writing process, and being under the gun during this challenge. I also loved meeting new writing friends!

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  2. I feel that so many of your reflections could have been about me, especially number 5. I love to write about all the dumb, stupid, funny stuff that happens in my life. It gives me a moment to laugh! P.S. I wrote a haiku tonight. Can you say cop-out? I can. 🙂

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  3. This is a great reflection. As others have noted, it could be my list too – except the humor part. I do kind of like exploring emotions but just toe dips – not fully exposure. Posting by 9 pm is a drag, some of my best reflections come when I really start to wind down towards bed time between 9 and 10 so I’m glad I don’t care about the contest. And I like commenting buddies too – I’ve got a few now that I’ve been following for the past 4 years!


  4. Eeek #2 is totally me as well!!! I think your observation about the writer’s notebook style of posting is really great: I definitely have posts that I banged out, but maybe wasn’t quite ready to publish yet… Maybe one day I will revisit them so they can be “publishing party hang on the wall” ready! 🙂


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