I was told that there is research that shows that when we multi-task we actually perform worse than if we do one thing at a time.  I would probably know the researcher and where I heard this tidbit of information if I weren’t doing three other things while I learned it.  But it’s ok, because I choose not to believe it anyway.  Because I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire.  According to myself, at least.

Currently, I am  checking texts from my sister (oh….now mom has also joined the conversation!), sending the kids off to brush their teeth and get ready for bed, making myself a too-late-I’m-so-starving-you-might-want-to-keep-your-distance-dinner (risotto…not something I have had success with in the past, we shall see how it goes this time!), putting dishes in the dishwasher, and writing my slice of life.

I am pretty sure I have caused myself some kind of brain damage through all of this multi-tasking because I am now to the point where doing one thing and only one thing is virtually impossible for me.  Maybe I don’t do everything to the same level that I would do it if I did each thing one…thing…at…a…time, but I get it all done.  And if I did one…thing…at…a…time, I would only have three and a half minutes left to sleep at the end of each day.  And also I think I would hate myself because one…thing…at….a…timers kind of drive me nuts.  (I am pretty sure this is somehow connected to my post-office/DMV avoidance behaviors).

Ok, enough time reflecting on my multi-tasking….time to read to the kids, tuck them in, eat the risotto (it looks pretty good), and keep up on the mom/sister conversation.  All at once.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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