A walk down memory lane

The first time we went to Tanaka Farms, Lucy was 8 months old and Rubén was 5. It has been a constant in our life ever since.

It was fun to go today, with Lucy now 10 and Rubén, now 15, enjoy the same sites and tours (and some new ones) from a new perspective. Tasting just-picked vegetables, picking strawberries, and watching my 15 year old try to pet chickens just like the little two year old next to him filled me (and I think him) with joy.

It never rains in Southern California (or so they say)

It’s been an especially rainy winter in Southern California. I realize that our winter would be a mild spring for pretty much anyone else in the country, but we are weather wimps. Endless days of 60º weather and rain every week have been good in some ways, not so much in others. But here are some of the things I love about it:

The sound of the rain pitter pattering on the roof.

The bright, clean, clear days after the rain.

The vibrant green of baby plants.

The purples and golds and pinks of the early spring flowers.


The crisp air.


Floating paper boats down our hill.

A new umbrella.

Coffee, a puzzle, and a cozy fireplace.

5 Things I Should Do More Often…

5. Breathe. I tend to hold my breath or breathe shallowly (is that a word?) when I feel stressed.  (I am a mom of three and a full time teachers, so, like…always).

4. Go for a run.  I went for a short little two mile run this afternoon and it was amazing to notice what it did for my energy, my stress level, and my mood.

3. Play with my kids.  Not mother them or cook for them or drive them places.  But play- a game, a sport, whatever.

2. Clean out my drawers.  Marie Kondo go away- I am ignoring you, but I promise I will get rid of a few t-shirts.

1. Not wait until the last minute to even think about planning my slice of life…

Questions I never imagined I’d have to ask… (today’s edition)

To my daughter….

Did you just fall asleep in the shower?

Why are you eating a frozen waffle when it is 40º outside?  (I think this one needs further clarification…the waffle was NOT formerly frozen and now defrosted and toasted, it was actually frozen.  A waffle-cicle, one might say).

To my student….

Where’s your literary essay?   (Response:  “what’s a literary essay?” me: “Ummmm…those things we have been doing in writer’s workshop for like a month…”

To myself….

Why is it only Monday?