A Trashy Haiku

Early in March I envisioned my writing for this day as being some insightful revelation that I had discovered about myself as a writer during this journey.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.  A haiku about trash happened instead.  I think this is my way of not saying goodbye to this challenge.  Thanks to all of those who took the time to read and especially for those who commented on my posts along the way.  You inspired me to keep going!  I will see you on Tuesdays!


Does no one notice?

It’s overflowing right there.

Please. Take out the trash.




15 thoughts on “A Trashy Haiku

  1. This made me smile! Really-it should not be that hard, pull out the bag, tie it up, carry to garage…so why won’t anyone take it out?
    Ha! I also refuse to say goodbye to the challenge. I will look forward to reading your work on Tuesdays!


  2. Your haikus and poems this month inspired me to try my own, and they are some of my favorite posts I wrote this month!! Thank you for sharing your writing and for all of your thoughtful comments this month! 😀


  3. Oh, sorry, can we just talk about the trash? How about when it’s obviously full-trash tumbling out and someone asks, “Should I take the trash out now?”


  4. I think this “trashy haiku” is the perfect way to send off the month. It’s about something ordinary. After all, that’s what slicing is all about… making the ordinary extraordinary. And you did that with this poem.


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