A list of big (and not so big) things I am thankful for today

Last year on day 2 of the slice of life challenge, I wrote a list of reasons why I should quit already.  I totally feel like writing the same thing today, because I. Am. Not. Feeling. It.  But I am shaking that (I now know) very normal feeling off and writing a list of little bright spots from my day instead.  This may not be my greatest slice, but you can’t have good writing unless you have a lot of crappy writing.  So here’s to some crappy writing! Enjoy!

Getting up before dark and enjoying the quiet sounds of a sleeping family

A peaceful long drive as the sun rose

An early arrival to work

Moments of peace in my car before the day began

Colleagues who were more open to new ideas than I had expected

Running into an old friend

Chocolate chip cookies (because…of course…!!)

Fighting kids who forgot they were fighting and remembered they enjoy each other’s company

A husband who is always on my side

Defrosted chicken

Someone replaced the toilet paper

A moment to write


(Now if only that chicken would cook itself…)




5 thoughts on “A list of big (and not so big) things I am thankful for today

  1. Your post is very real. Some days the words and ideas flow. Some days…they do not. I love the idea of writing down all that you are thankful for today. It gives a glimpse into your life.

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  2. It is the small things – and sometimes someone replacing the toilet paper can feel huge! I loved reading your day’s slivers that make up a slice. It’s nice to know that other slicers are feeling the challenge and are finding the bright spots.

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  3. I can relate…I remember last year taking a while to warm up to the challenge of daily writing and commenting. But it’s worth the commitment in the end !! I love having a community of writers to help inspire my posts!

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