Season 2 of #SOLSC!

So, in the final episode of season 1 of the slice of life challenge, Erin left off on March 31st with comments such as: “Writing every day has become a habit,” and “See you on Tuesdays!”

And then a year happened.


Well, I’m back.

And glad to be here. (Except for that getting started again is hard! Does anyone else think that “It’s just like riding a bike” thing is a big, fat lie?  Maybe they meant “It’s just like riding a bike when start halfway up a gigantic hill…?”)

I’m excited to reconnect with those whose blogs I followed.  I’m excited that my sister is joining this challenge with me (shameless plug for her blog here).  And the comments…of course I’m excited about the comments.  Those. are. the. best.

Season 2:  ready or not, here I come!



11 thoughts on “Season 2 of #SOLSC!

  1. I love your bike riding metaphor! This is my first time with SOL, so I feel like I am at the base of the alps! I’m excited not only to write every day, but to read other people’s writing. Here we go!


  2. Ha! I just love the name of your blog! I feel like it describes my whole life!!!

    Yes, I know what you mean about feeling rusty–I haven’t done SOL for two years and I wrote a weird meandering post this morning. We might fall off our bikes a few times this week, but we’ll be going strong again soon! Good luck!


  3. I’m nervous and feel unprepared, like March just came out of nowhere! But I’m glad to reconnect with your blog from last year’s challenge 🙂 Looking forward to your posts this month!


  4. This is my first time doing the slice of life, and reading that you are having a hard time getting started, but loved it last time has encouraged me! Love the name of your blog! I often feel like I’m a machine on replay!!!! looking forward to writing and reading with you!


  5. This is my first time to dip my toe in the SOL pool. I’ve admired a friend who’s done it for years and finally decided it was now or never. It’s a big thing! I hope I’m up for it!


  6. I don’t know about being funny that early in the morning, Erin! Despite my shock at the thought that I might have to start my day with my slices in order to keep up with you and everyone else, I loved the “season recap” at the beginning. Thanks for the shameless plug! I now have a real slice, not just a practice one, on The Daily Meow.


    1. Yay! I actually wrote it at 10:30 last night because they post it at midnight eastern time, so I got a head start. After today’s busy afternoon, I’m glad I did! Don’t worry…there will be plenty of times that I post my slice at 8:59 PM.


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