A Pretty Good Week


Some things I saw/did/discovered or that just happened during this last week:

  1. I spent a whole day with glitter stuck to my toes because leprechauns visited the classroom in which I did a demo lesson.
  2. I saw a kiddie pool nestled up next to a bus bench and just wondered….
  3. I got a thank you email from a teacher who said I inspire here.
  4. I went for a walk in the neighborhood with my 7 year old and realized that either I am now slow enough or she is now fast enough that we can walk together and I can still get some exercise.
  5. I ate sugar snap peas minutes after they were plucked from a vine.
  6. I chatted with my parents.
  7. I caught a bottle of wine as it rolled out of my trunk with my driveway.  It didn’t end well for either party.  Side note- my toes now smell like Malbec….
  8. Starbucks messed up my coffee order. And life went on.
  9. I ate salmon that had been sitting in the sun for a little while.  And I survived.
  10. I watched a bunch of kids run around and gather Easter eggs.  Then I later hunted for those same Easter eggs in my kitchen.  I realized that kids have as much (more?) fun hiding eggs than they do looking for them.

All in all, a pretty good week.  And I am thinking that perhaps some of these could become their one slices.


To be continued….


7 thoughts on “A Pretty Good Week

  1. I always enjoy the voice in your slices! After a crazy day at work (and after work), it’s great to “hear” such creativity in action. I think any or all of your ten happenings could be ten more wonderfully fun slices!

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