My one and only attempt to be a Pinterest mom

For those of you who, like me, have a moment of insanity in which you think it will be easier and/or cheaper to make your child’s birthday cake instead of buying it, this is what the day of my son’s 6th birthday like (he is now 12, but I remember it like it was yesterday):

  1.  10:00 Went to Target and bought cake mix (and like $100 of other random stuff)
  2.  11:00 Realized that the bag with the cake mix is missing.
  3.  12:00 Bought another box of cake mix.
  4.  5:00 Found out that Target security can use video to track your missing bags (cool or creepy, depending on your perspective).  Got refund for first box of cake mix.
  5.  8:00 Mixed up ingredients, licked bowl, placed cake in oven to bake…and then realized butter which was to be added to said mix was still on counter.
  6.  8:15 Removed cake from oven, added butter, washed pan, poured cake batter back into pan.
  7.  8:17  Realized I had not re-sprayed the pan after I had washed it.
  8.  8:18 Poured cake mix back into bowl, washed pan again, re-sprayed pan, poured cake mix back into pan, licked bowl again. Yum.
  9.  8:20  Placed cake back in oven and crossed my fingers that it would turn out ok. Oh…and did I mention that this was a two part cake, so I got to make another one once the first one out of the oven (note to self, if I try this again: buy a second bundt cake pan) (second note to self: if I try this again…uh…just don’t try this again).
  10. First cake came out ok-ish (did I mention that I had also had a one year old wandering  around while I did this?) and then I decided to make cake # 2 the next day, telling myself, “there will be plenty of time tomorrow (day of party) to make the cake in the morning.”  Did I mention that his birthday is in October, so I also decided to make hand made mummy hot dogs and apple slices made to look like vampire teeth?  (Also plenty of time in the morning for that.  I mean, the party wasn’t until noon….and an hour away from home).
  11. 2nd cake got in the oven a little late.  “It’s cool enough to frost,”  I told myself (it wasn’t). (Did I mention that this whole cake plan was something I found on Pinterest? So simple, so cute. Just make two bundt cakes, turn one upside down (don’t worry…cake # 2 never cracks when you do that) and frost it orange.  Don’t worry, there’s never a huge gap between the surfaces of the cake because cakes always bake perfectly flat and evenly.  And if they don’t,  it is SO easy to trim a little to even it out.  And then trim a little more to even out the other side.  Super easy.  Just like trimming your own bangs.  You should totally do that, too.  I saw it on Pinterest.  Really easy.  Then, use an ice cream cone to make a cute stem  (don’t worry, the hole in the bundt cake and the ice cream cone are exactly the same size.  It won’t look like a decomposing pumpkin) and voila-you are a Pinterest-perfect mommy!)
  12. Nailed it!FullSizeRender

What I learned:  everyone laughed, everyone loved it, and always, always, always, order pizza and buy a cake at Costco.



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