My life in numbers: sick edition

1: Sore throat that feels a lot like what I remember strep throat feeling like.

2: Ginger orange shots that I took to help get rid of number 1.  There is something magical about these that almost always makes me feel better in a day or two.

3: Episodes of This is Us watched while snuggled under a blanket on the recliner.

4: People in my family (one husband, three kids) who all did their best to leave me alone all weekend so I could rest.

5:  Cups of ginger, turmeric, and black pepper tea that soothed my throat (see number 2- ginger is to me what spinach is to Popeye).

6:  (at least) the number of times I cried during This is Us.

7:  Times I lost my train of thought while talking because my brain felt like it had been replaced with old socks.

8: The number of actual old socks (all belonging to the kids) that are unmatched and lonely in the bottom of my laundry basket. Where do they put the other half of their socks????!!!!

9: Glasses of water found in various locations…I kept getting them, then losing them, then getting new ones…

10: Kisses and snuggles from a loving family who wish me well.


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