Before that…(a borrowed idea)

Inspired by Anne Donnelly’s lovely post “before that…” which you can read here if you haven’t already!


I took another sip of wine as I leaned back in the recliner and scrolled through the contents of the DVR.

Before that, we made an Easter cake (totally looked better in my head…)

bunny cake

Before that, I drove all the way to Target to buy the cake mix and then realized I left my purse at home.  I also realized that I seem to have issues when trying to buy cake mix…

Before that,  I added some lovely flowers to by garden.


Before that, a little person came in the bathroom while I was taking a shower and said, “have you seen a bird flying around in here?”  and I decided to stay in the shower a little longer.

Before that, I was reading people’s slices and almost burned my oatmeal.

Before that, I said, “NO, you can’t have whipped cream for breakfast.”
whipped cream

Before that, lots of elbows, knees, and snuggles joined us in our ever-shrinking bed.  A nice way to wake up on a lazy vacation morning.  They even slept in….until 6:30…

4 thoughts on “Before that…(a borrowed idea)

  1. I have read this format several times and I really want to try it. You have such great voice. I love the comments about the cake and also the whipped cream. Why can’t you have whipped cream for breakfast- it ‘s kind of like milk!


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