Yoga is SooooOOOOOooo relaxing


I carry a lot of stress.  Like a lot of people, I am a busy working mom, running around all over and trying to balance it all. A typical day for me starts before 5:00 AM, includes making breakfast and lunches for five, getting ready for work, dropping off the kids, then rushing off to work.  I typically work through any breaks or lunch, then pick up the kids, come home, make dinner, send emails, prepare for work the next day, etc. etc. etc.  My husband is a principal at a very high need school, so he helps, but he works a LOT.  So, clearly I need to slow down and take some time for me.

Enter yoga.

Since I have three kids and have already mentioned I am busy, I had a brilliant Idea.  (I could totally use a sarcasm font here in case you were wondering).  I can do yoga at home!  There’s an app for that!  So I downloaded this lovely little app, dusted off my yoga mat and settled in to breathe and relax.

Here is a recap of my 30 minute yoga routine:

I sit down on my yoga and slip off my Ugg boots and prepare to relax.  My seven year old comes over and slips on my boots and begins to walk in circles around the mat over and over and over.  And over.  She intersperses loving and encouraging comments, such as, “you look weird,” “how is that even exercise?  You’re just lying on the ground,” and “I can see your butt crack.”

Next, my 12 year old begins practicing his trumpet (this is not a passionate enterprise.  He sounds like a dying elephant giving some kind of half-assed attempt to let the world know he is dying in between watching Minecraft videos on YouTube).  Some people like to listen to peaceful ocean sounds as they do yoga.  Not me.  I prefer the sounds of suffering animals.

My 17 year old keeps trying to sneak blueberry muffins from the kitchen (no one is paying attention, so he can eat them all, right?)  My husband is watching some sort of news thing (Nightline? 60 Minutes?) on too high of a volume.  The show is entirely focused on the gun control debate.  Always a relaxing, centering topic.

But I keep plowing through.  And I do a whole 30 minutes of this.  Eventually, the 7 year old gets dizzy and bored, trumpet “practice” is over, the blueberry muffins are gone, and the gun control debate is solved (well, over).  Everyone wanders off for a few minutes and I actually had ten minutes of peaceful-ish yoga.

And then someone screams, “MommmMMMMMMYYY!!!!”




15 thoughts on “Yoga is SooooOOOOOooo relaxing

  1. Your sense of humor, and fun sense of frustration came through. I could see and hear all of that happening thanks to your descriptions. I love the dead elephant trumpet, the comments of your 7 year old, the delicious blueberry muffins. I had a similar experience yesterday. Life happens. Sneak it in when you can.
    Thanks for a fun read.

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  2. Wow! Mornings are busy at your house. I’m thinking that sneaking in yoga at a different location may be in your future – one hour a week to yourself. I recognize all the ages and stages: helpful, beginning musician, starving adolescent, and too loud TV for “Sunday morning.”

    I am so glad that you can blog about life! And its idiosyncrasies! 🙂


  3. Oh I remember those days! So glad I can do yoga alone now. We finally had the kids do yoga with us on Sunday morning and then went for a meditation walk. (No one could talk as we walked through the bird sanctuary. Good Luck with finding those few minutes to breath!


  4. Seriously, laughing out loud. From the butt crack comment to the soothing sounds of suffering pachyderms, I read this one twice! Your link said sarcasm, and your post did not disappoint! Thank you for the laugh!


  5. Great slice. I remember these days. I recently posted about the drama involved in taking a tub (preferably by myself) with three young ones around. The funny thing is, now they’re all gone and I can take a long bath anytime, I kind of miss those little fists beating on the door and screaming “Mama!” Kind of….


  6. First, I love the name of your blog! Your slice is very humorous. At least you tried the yoga thing, right? Maybe one of these days it will work itself into your schedule. Good luck!


  7. Laugh out loud funny!!! My husband is a principal also; and we have two teens and a very high maintenance dog. I can’t even imagine trying to do yoga; so kudos to you! In fact, my son asked if he could use my yoga mat as a pad for his sleeping bag on an upcoming camping trip. Thanks for making me laugh today!

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  8. This was a great slice! I am not a Mom but I could imagine everything you described so acutely! I am glad you take time for yoga (or whatever one likes) and hope you get some peace and quiet for it one of these days! I really enjoy your style of writing!


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