I don’t wanna

Reasons why I don’t want to do my slice tonight:

  1.  My throat hurts
  2. Too much traffic
  3. It’s cold (60 degrees is cold, right?)
  4. I didn’t eat dinner until 8:30 PM.  (And it wasn’t even very good)
  5. Two minutes ago I had a cute little chub-a-dub-dub baby and somehow tonight I found myself registering him for high school…

5 thoughts on “I don’t wanna

  1. These kids! They all grow up so fast! I have a 6 year-old (who is in Kindergarten this year) and a six-month-old. I’m trying to hold on to time and savor it all with the baby since I know I’m never going to do this baby thing again (until I have grandkids)!

    Hope dinner is more tasty tonight!


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