Gas Pumps Hate Me (and the feeling is mutual) 

Gas pumps are made for tall people. Or perhaps just for people who are taller than I am. Which I guess makes sense because most people my height are about eleven years old. 

Gas pumps are also specifically designed to capture any kind of glare from sunlight, strong lamps, or a stray moonbeam, thus making it impossible for you to read the many many questions gas pumps like to type at you one letter at a time. 

Gas pumps also are a top attraction for taggers. Apparently scratching initials into a tiny glass window that ensures everyone types in their PIN code at the wrong time is empowering. 

Gas pumps hoses are never quite long enough to reach to the opposite side of your car. This seems like a fixable problem. This may be a revolutionary thought that only a left hander living in a right handed world like me could ever think of.  But it seems like it would prevent so many gas station related issues. 

As well as prevent a few of my crazy rants. 


4 thoughts on “Gas Pumps Hate Me (and the feeling is mutual) 

  1. Hahaha! I saw the description and thought it was funny before I even knew it was yours! Move to Oregon. We are not allowed to pump our own gas because it is a very dangerous supstance best handled by highly trained personnel. Also, self-service is unfair and inequitable to the pregnant, the elderly, and people who are the only adult in a car full of young children.

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