SoCal Spring

So anyone who lives in Southern California knows that we go from “winter” (AKA freezing cold weather that people in other climates make fun of us for- so like 60 degrees) to summer (90 degrees) pretty much overnight. We don’t really have those “in between seasons” here.

But this year, our 60 degree patch lasted for a while and it brought quite a bit of rain with it.  So, this moment, this 90 degree moment, has brought some stunning signs of spring.  Here are some of my favorites:

California poppies.  So big and orange they could get a job working for CalTrans.

A peacock.  Full-blown open tail, shaking his money maker (no peahens in sight…, just old ladies) .

Kids lounging on tree branches like sloths.

My pasty legs.

Weeds.  So. Many. Weeds.

An explosion of lemon blossoms.

Hibernating neighbors emerging from their houses (life kind of stops here when it rains).

Baby grass.  Soft and gentle and oh-so-vibrant-green.  Caressing my toes one last time before it toughens up for summer.





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