I am not a spontaneous, “Hey, you know what we should do right now?” spur-of-the-moment kind of gal (although perhaps I would make an exception if that idea for what we should do right now involved shoe shopping or ice cream…).  I like my transitions to be the way they should be, slow and gradual.  Ease me into it.  Let me take my time.  I am happy with long escrows, long pregnancies, planning vacations months ahead of time.

But the world doesn’t usually agree with me on this.  Things happen and things change on a dime and I have learned (forced myself) to adapt, be flexible, and deal with it.  Except for in one key area….

Daylight savings.

No. No! NO!!  I fight it kicking and screaming every time.  For days (some might argue weeks) afterwards, I tell my husband, “it is not really 8:00.  It is actually REALLY 7:00” or “I have to get up tomorrow at 4:00 IN THE MORNING even if it says 5 on my clock” or “I’m going to eat lunch at 10:0o because daylight savings time messed me all up and my stomach is telling me the real time.” He rolls his eyes at me and tells me that I am just making myself crazy.  Just live with it.  Move on.

But no, I would rather throw myself on the floor and scream until someone gives me my hour back.  And no, I don’t really want it back in the fall, so don’t try to tell me it’ll be back then.

I want it to never go away and never have to come back.



3 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Totally agree. We do PARCC testing with our kids this week and their bodies are not on daylight savings time. I like the extra light in the afternoon. Don’t like the rest of it.

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