For Rubén


I walked this path before I knew you.  I sat in the same shady spot by the same trickling creek and enjoyed the same picnic lunch.

Then I knew you.  I lifted you up to the curvy trunked tree so you could snuggle next to your big brother towering way up high in the tree.

Then your sister joined us and you were the one in the middle.  The one with the little one snuggled up next to you as you all towered way up high in the tree.

And then today snuck up on me and the huge tree was somehow smaller.  It’s back seemed  a little more hunched.  It’s towering heights somehow shrunken.

But maybe it was that


stand a little taller…a little straighter…

When your sister struggled to climb up, you tried to give her a boost, then

finally lifted her up all




7 thoughts on “For Rubén

      1. isn’t it such a great reminder for us as teachers as to how MOTIVATING feedback is!? I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about myself as a teacher and a write in just a few days! You need to keep writing. You have lots of good stuff to say!

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