It seems like most things that come in slices are delicious.

Pizza, pie, birthday cake.

All the kinds of foods that you just go in for one tiny slice, and then another, and maybe just one teensy-weensy one more.  Comfort foods, happy foods, help-you-feel-better-when-you’re-sad foods.

This is the perfect metaphor for these slices of life that are surrounding me this month.

I’ll just dip in and read one teensy-weensy one…Whoa…that one’s too big…I just want a little sliver.  And then I have one sliver.  And another.  Until I have had five slivers plus the one that was too big.  And they are comforting.  And happy.  And make-you-feel-better kinds of slices.

Just like pizza.  Only less fattening.



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