Whining is good exercise, right?


I am in a whiny kind of mood.  I feel like stomping my feet and making the whole world give me back that hour that daylight savings took from me.  I love that it is light later, blah, blah, blah, but I really am just tired. I am one of those people who when their alarm goes off, they think, “well if it were three days ago, it would be 4:00 AM instead of 5:00 AM.”  My husband tells me to let it go, but then I just get that Frozen song stuck in my head.  Great.  Another thing to complain about….

Also, my neck hurts.  I got hit by a car while riding my bicycle about 20 years ago.  I’m guessing the neck pain should be going away aaaaaaannnnnyyy day now, right?

Also, it should be 6:56 PM right now, but as I mentioned earlier, someone took an hour from me, so now I have to write this slice in the next hour because I am on the west coast time zone so I have to post this by 9:00.  Wah, wah, wah.

I have little people clamoring around me who are also tired and should be put to bed so that I can have some wine with my whine….hey maybe things are looking up?

I can at least make this whining count as a workout, right?  Because if not, I have another thing to whine about…


13 thoughts on “Whining is good exercise, right?

  1. I’m whining a litt;e about the time change too. I do OK in the mooring (I’m a morning person) but my eyes have been drooping on the drive home. I wish we would just pick one time and keep it all year.


  2. Love this! I love your voice here, and it’s SO relatable. Love the line “I got hit by a car 20 years ago…” It so clearly draws on the idea of how on a day where you want to whine, you can LITERALLY find any reason to do it 🙂 Just love this.


  3. I think everyone is a little tired and grumpy this week! That time change thing has been hard. At my school, we are taking the PARCC test as well. More fun!


  4. I am completely enamored with you. This is the most honest and funny post I’ve read today! Yay you. And I have to say I feel you. I just hate that “they” take an hour from me each spring. The travesty!
    Hang tough and I hope spring break approacheth for you.

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