A perfect Friday night



A rainy drive home

A cold evening

A slice of pizza

A snuggly, sick-ish little girl curled up like a cinnamon bun next to me

A glass of wine waiting for me

And a book

There’s always a book


5 thoughts on “A perfect Friday night

  1. Of course there is always a book!!!! I hope the little one is feeling better; but the cinnamon bun comparison is absolutely priceless—loved it!!!
    Also, I just read the kind thank you note you sent me via today’s Challenge for First Time Slicers. Tears filled my eyes! Last year, I was a first time slicer; and I remember feeling so nervous putting my words out there for others to read. I am beyond thrilled that you have decided to share your wonderful words and unique voice in this writing community. Welcome, welcome, welcome…looking forward to reading your words for many days to come!

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