Slice of life and a slice of pizza

Friday night is pizza night.  It has been for a long time. A loooong time.  Did I mention that every Friday night is pizza night?  That means we eat pizza 52 times a year.  That is a lot of pizza.  If I cannel my inner Mercy Watson, “that is a great deal of pizza.” Now, I love pizza, but sometimes I just want, well, not pizza.  

So I started thinking a while back of how to change it up.  For a while, we made pizza together.  This was really fun.  We made different shapes-my son made an angry birds shaped one with a LOT of pepperoni, my daughter made one shaped like Hello Kitty with little olive eyes.  It was adorable and very fun.  But it also reminded me that the whole reason that Friday night was pizza night was so that I wouldn’t have to cook.  It’s FRIDAY after all.  (Wait, I should explain for any younguns out there….I am 44 and have three kids and my husband and I both work full time.  Friday used to mean, “woooooohoooooo PAAAAARRRRRTTTTYYY!!!”  Now it is more of a discussion about who will peel themselves off the couch to get the wine).  Plus it was also (wait for it…..) still pizza.

So I starting suggesting Chinese, Chipotle, all kinds of stuff (well really it was just those two because I ran out of ideas that didn’t sound like a lot of work), but I was met with horrified expressions and a chorus of “but it’s PIZZA night!!!!!”  It made me think about this and realize that this little tradition has been such a part of my kids’ life for so long that it just feels part of us.  Kind of like how every Christmas morning I must eat the same breakfast at my dad’s-house-which-used-to-be-my-grandma’s-house.  A few years ago my dad asked me if we would like something different for breakfast and I looked at him with a horrified expression and said, “but it’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!”  Because that is just what is always done.  It’s a fact, not an idea, not an option, not something to consider.  It just is. It’s what we did every Christmas morning since I can remember.  And pizza is what we have done every Friday night since they can remember.  It just is.

Time to wrap this up….the pizza guy is here.


7 thoughts on “Slice of life and a slice of pizza

  1. “It’s a fact, not an idea, not an option, not something to consider. It just is. ” I love this. This is what become the stories our children tell.


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