Amazon boxes make me happy #SOL16

You just know it’s going to be a nice evening when you come home and find an Amazon box waiting for you on your doorstep.  This must be how people with dogs feel.  Someone (or ok…in this case, something…) is patiently waiting for their owner to get home and give them their attention, quietly waiting to welcome them with that cute little smile on the side of the box.

I know what I ordered, but I still feel like a kid at Christmas, tearing through the packaging, asking myself, “What is it?!? What IS it?!?” finally getting through that industrial strength plastic strip that always threatens to slice off my finger but does nothing to tear open the box, and finding the warm, cozy comforting pages of my new book.

The start of a nice evening, indeed.


9 thoughts on “Amazon boxes make me happy #SOL16

  1. Oh…how I can relate! Not just boxes from Amazon, but ANY boxes…or even just non-bill mail, sometimes!! I love that feeling of discovery and Christmas all wrapped into one! I hope your package was filled with lots of things you’ll love…thanks for sharing!

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    1. The Big Book of Details by Rozlyn Linder. So a work book, but a big juicy fun one. For my personal fun reading, I just finished My Grandmother Told Me To Tell You She’s Sorry. I loved it so much that I want it to come to life so I can be friends with it, so I just started A Man Called Ove by the same author. 😀


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